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The Original & Best Big Cleaning Plate.

The Ultimate Gold, Silver, Copper, Pewter Cleaner EVER Created, Sold Worldwide, Product Created in 1907. Cleans precious Metals with Ease.

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We Supply

High Street Jewellers - Antique Dealers - Top Hotels- Restaurants - Museums - Raf & Army Camps - AND The Most Expensive Shop In LONDON!! And lots More Individuals And Companys Cant Get Enough of this secret!!.

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Worldwide Sales

Our plates have been sold all over the world and our feedback for the pristine plate speaks for itself "The method used by museums to protect there valuable historic items manufactured for over 100 years" PRISTINE is a natural de-oxidiser to remove all tarnish safely and easily

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None Toxic

PRISTINE is the ultimate weapon for cleaning precious metals. Created in 1907, PRISTINE is the serious choice for many professional companies and also individuals who respect their most valuable items. Our product is the most powerful and effective product to this day

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So How Does This Work?

Simply place your PRISTINE plate into the bowl add Soda Crystals, about two desert spoons should be more than enough, then add hot water. Then simply immerse the article/s to be cleaned making sure that one part of each article is either touching the plate, OR another article which is itself in contact with the plate. Electrolytic action cleans all articles at the same time, taking 30 seconds to 1 minute to do so. See more information For video click here For full instructions and a step by step guide click here We aim to please and offer a full money back guarantee, simply return the plate within 30 days of puchase for your money back. All our video's and photo's were taken with item's purchased from ebay in there bought state. we are available at any time, for any questions please Contact Us at any time.

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Pristine's Nine Star's Of Quality

Guaranteed not to damage the stated metals or injure your hands
Cleans as easily as washing up
Removes tarnish from the smallest crevice
Leaves no polish deposits to go black
Will give a lifetime of normal domestic use
No more dirt ingraind hands
No more dirty dusters
No more worries about worn plating, lost detail or hallmarks
No collection of diferant cleaners

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